About Me

Hi there, I’m Rosemary! I’m a Southern California (Inland Empire) based photographer.

I’ve been a photographer ever since I can remember the days of my Nikon Coolpix back in the early 00s. I branched out over the past 15 years into lifestyle photography its the little moments that will once be a memory that I aim to capture.

My style of photography is more on the moody side with some added warmness. I like to photograph and keep as true as possible to the frame. I'm not huge on photoshop but if I must, I will. I also enjoy bringing out bright whites and making photos pop in a very bright and airy feel. I'm not your basic photographer and pose in specific poses I enjoy making my clients comfortable during their time with me. I tend to capture those real moments and candid conversations so we could freeze a moment in time. I also have a love for styling and having a certain aesthetic so we will pose because we need the shot!!